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Motorcycle as the preferred means of transport during a pandemic

23 - 03 - 2021


It turns out that this ancient Chinese blessing is neither ancient nor Chinese. It's not even a blessing ... just a curse.

The phrase was first used in 1898 by British politician Joseph Chamberlain in a speech:
"You will agree that we live in interesting / curious times (...)
I do not remember the times when day after day we were given new reasons to fear."
DEEMEED Face mask
I think that it is not necessary to explain to anyone why this is how I want to start this article.
Considering the reality that surrounds us, with all limitations and difficulties that are resullts of it,
we all seek for some solutions that would improve our comfort level.
Every day we are swamp with information about the progressing pandemic and everything related to it.
I may not be very original, because I will refer to some aspects of life related to the current situation,
but I would like to take up a topic a bit more focused on and related to the motorcycle industry.
What follows is to some extent my own observation, and as it turns out, 
it is backed by statistics which show that in recent months motorcycles have become
one of the most popular means of transport.
Have you ever wondered why is this happening?
Some reasons are very obvious.

It seems to me that while a car still dominates as a private means of transport,
when it comes to mass urban commuting, for obvious reasons nowadays
it is exposed to huge losses and, for understandable reasons, does not fulfill its role.
The inability to maintain a safe social distance, unregulated timetables
as well as the risk of infection through infected utility surfaces in buses,
trams or trains make us choose a motorcycle more and more often
to get from the proverbial point "A" to point "B".
For many of us, the motorcycle has long served as the main means of transport.
It works especially well in large urban agglomerations,
making it easier to reach the destination quickly because traffic jams practically
do not apply to motorcyclists, the ease of finding a parking space,
and lower fuel consumption, these are just a few advantages of using a motorcycle on a daily basis.

In a pandemic situation, it can be observed that a very large number of motorcyclists
who would not normally use their motorcycle for commuting or shopping start to do so.
Means of mass communication and sometimes also passenger cars are more
and more often replaced by the beloved toy, which previously served only for short rides
for pleasure or occasional motorcycle tourism.

Motorbike as the transport in the city
In countries where the climate allows this type of motorcycle use, it seems to be an ideal solution.
Not only convenient, but also much safer than exposure to close contact with other people on a bus or subway.
Traffic in Italy
Sounds good, doesn’it?

All that I described earlier sounds like a very good solution, but sometimes it can be quite a challenge.
When going to work, we usually need to take some things with us.
If we work in an office, we usually have a laptop with us, some documents,
lunch and certainly a lot of small things like a phone, charger, power bank, glasses, etc.
In a word, things that did not cause us any problems when we went to work by car or bus
suddenly cause us to scratch our head and wonder how to take it all with us on a motorcycle.
Well, you found this article on the Deemeed blog for a reason.
It is our company that specializes in the production of all kinds of motorcycle bags as well as,
or perhaps primarily, solutions and methods of installing bags on various motorcycles.
In the example above, I have just mentioned a few things that we usually take to the office with us.
A laptop is probably one of those things that we do not know how to safely transport on a motorcycle
without risking damage or so that it does not pose an additional risk to us while driving.
Mini messanger bag
We offer several types of bags designed for this purpose.
Our Mini Messenger, Messenger 14 "and Messenger 15", Back-Pack are ideal for transporting tablets, laptops, documents etc.
This type of bags does not require mounting on a motorcycle because we are wearing them,
securely fastened with shoulder and abdominal straps so that they protect our electronic equipment and do not interfere with driving.

DEEMEED Backpack for bikers
If we are not in favor of bags hanging on us while driving,
we can use one of the smaller or medium-sized bags for this purpose,
which, thanks to the Universal Mounting System, can be quickly and safely installed on the motorcycle.
Explorer S, Explorer M, Tube M or Tube L bags will be perfect here. Explorer XS, Explorer S, or Frontbag
are bags that can be easily installed on the handlebar and thus gain quick access to: phone, wallet, glasses, a bottle of drink, cigarettes, etc.
All these bags can be easily disassembled upon arrival to work and taken with you along with the contents.
Stylish Outsider bags will also be useful for transporting smaller items, although due to their construction and location on the motorcycle,
we do not recommend using them to transport electronics.
These bags cannot be removed quickly, and even if they were, they are not very handy and comfortable to carry in your hand.
This problem is solved to some extent by the use of an inner bag, which we carry in Outsider and take it out with the contents after reaching the destination.
DEEMEED Outsider swing arm bag

Well, that's all great, but not everyone works in the office.
Sometimes we need to take larger things to work, such as a change of clothes, various types of specialized equipment, tools, etc.
Here, of course, I am aware that we will not be able to meet the needs of all customers,
because each motorcycle has a specific luggage capacity strictly defined in the technical specification from the manufacturer.
However, within these limitations, we have a number of proposals for larger bags intended
for packing larger items or simply a large number of smaller items.
Discovery Small (55L), Medium (60L), Large (75L) or even Explorer Large (51L) are really large and roomy bags
that meet the transport needs of most motorcyclists.
The use of this type of bag is often the best solution because it gives our motorcycle new functionality.
Not only will we get to work quickly and safely, but also after work we can go shopping, to a gym or a swimming pool.
Salzburg night shot view

Using a motorcycle on a daily basis as the main means of transport is a very good solution these days, although it also has some limitations.
After all, we must take into account that in order to legally ride a motorcycle, we need to have with us,
or maybe more precisely wear on us, things such as a helmet, motorcycle clothing, shoes, gloves, etc.
None of us are going to walk all day in a Kevlar jacket or motorcycle boots, carrying a helmet in our hends.
It is very burdensome and greatly restricts our mobility and freedom.
In this case, Deemeed also has a very good solution.
One of our flagship products and bestsellers is the Helmet Security Bag.

DEEMEED Security Helmet bag in use
It comes in two sizes: Single and Double.
While Single, as its name sugests, will protect only the helmet and whatever we can put inside it.
Double is practically sufficient to secure all equipment necessary for riding a motorcycle.
This product will allow us to safely leave the riding gear on the motorcycle,
while increasing its safety by immobilizing the front wheel.
The additional use of a padlock with an alarm to attach the bag to the motorcycle
will allow us to safely move away from the bike and not worry about our belongings or the motorcycle itself will be stolen.
In our offer, in addition to the above-mentioned examples, we have many other options and solutions,
so if you consider adapting your motorcycle to the main means of transport,
we invite you to our online shop, where all products are carefully described and categorized according to their possible applications.
Deemeed Product Configurator will allow you to quickly and easily match our products to your motorcycle.
I think that in addition to all the practical facilitations of using a motorcycle every day, there is something else that makes it unique.
This is an aspect that, for lack of a better word, I would like to describe as "spiritual".
All motorcycle enthusiasts around the world share some virtues that are only understandable to those who are real bike lovers.
By this I mean a specific approach to life, the need for freedom and a kind of rebellion characteristic of the followers of "loud pipes".
A natural need to run away from everyday life and detach from the mundane problems of everyday existence.
During the pandemic, we especially need to keep at least a minimum of mental balance,
to break away from the fears and uncertainty that are present in our lives.
Riding a motorcycle is a great pleasure for me, but also a form of therapy that allows me not to go crazy.

DEEMEED Discovery small on the passenger seat

In this article, I tried to suggest and prove that in our today's difficult reality,
we can try to reconcile all aspects related to being a motorcyclist and use them to obtain greater comfort and a sense of security.
Combine business with pleasure, functionality and safety with the joy of riding a motorcycle.
We live in interesting times and whether it is a blessing or a curse is a matter of individual interpretation.
We can, however,  shape our reality to some extent and try to function normally.
I think that the idea of adapting our moto to everyday communication is a good solution.

This is an aspect that, for lack of a better word, I would like to describe as "spiritual". Thanks for sharing the author
Thanks for sharing this blog with us very interesting post keep sharing.
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