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Custom motorcycles and long journeys

17 - 03 - 2021

What is a custom bike?

Simply put, it is a standard motorcycle that has been slightly changed or heavily modified to serve
a purpose other than the one for which it was originally built, making it lighter, faster,
louder, more off-road capable or nicer than originally intended.
And yes, the design is definitely the goal in itself and some features like functionality or comfort are completely left out.

Custom Bike deemeed blog

The most important aspect of a custom bike is that it is unique. Custom is an aversion to anything that came off the production line.
You can make a breakneck attempt to determine the characteristics of such motorcycles,
and then it would be a low frame, a slender fuel tank and a thick rear tire, at least 300mm in size,
but the truth is that there are as many types of Customs as there are of their makers. 
The popularity of this type of motorcycle has grown significantly in the last ten years.
In response to a rapidly developing trend, some manufacturers try to meet customers
looking for originality and uniqueness by creating a
"Factory Custom" offer.
Harley Davidson, in its Custom Shop, offers, for example, personalization of a new motorcycle
for the customer, by replacing, adding or removing some standard elements such as the handlebars,
seats, headlights, turn indicators, fenders, footrests, etc., for so-called custom ones.
This type of solution is used by most of the well-known motorcycle manufacturers to expand their offer.
HD Factory Custom
    Factory customizing, however, is not recognized by"real hardcore customizers"
and is considered to be taking the easy way and even posturing.
For the purposes of this article, I will not focus too much on separating
these two types of customs, nor do I intend to judge the supporters of one or the other approach.
Considering the main topic of this article, let me throw all of them in the"one bag" with Cafe Racers,
Bobers and the so-called Nakeds. One, undeniable feature that all these motorcycles
have in common is the fact that it is usually very difficult to mount any luggage on them.
Single seats, no luggage rack or sissy bar, short rear fender or sometimes complete absence of it,
as well as a number of other modifications, such as Ape Hanger, Mini Ape, Z-bars,
Drag-bars handlebars, often make the owners of these personalized,
unique machines condemned to carry any luggage using their imagination and creativity which,
as I must admit, sometimes work well, but usually they are half measures not too convenient and often very dangerous while driving. 
You have certainly seen many such solutions: from ordinary gym-bags, attached to the motorcycle with the use of expander rubbers,
through duffel bags fastened with straps in any places that could be intertwined with such straps,
to ordinary garbage bags or plastic bags attached with rubber bands or belts.

Overloaded motorbike

The torment associated with the use of this type of substitutes makes motorcycles of this type rather poorly suited for longer trips and motorcycle tourism.
 Of course, there are many other reasons why the Customs aren't very good for longer journeys. Shapely and stylish leather seats are generally hard and slippery, small fuel tanks cause constant stress in scheduling the next refueling, modified fenders serve as decorations rather than protecting against water splash from under the wheels. The list is very long, but all these limitations and difficulties result somehow from the owner's preferences and not the fact that the motorcycle is in any way worse than typical tourists.
  While it is difficult to improve the comfort of traveling on a custom, the solution to the problem related to limited luggage space is, in the vast majority of cases, to be solved.
DEEMEED can boast numerous solutions designed for this type of motorbike. We have a number of bags and accessories that will allow a solid and safe installation on most customs, cafe racers, bobers, etc.
Below I would like to describe some very popular solutions, the use of which allows the installation of luggage in seemingly impossible places:

  • Fender Pad - this is a kind of pad similar to the passenger seat, but intended as a base for a bag. Covered on the top with non-slip material, has rubber suction cups on the bottom for mounting on the fender. The soft material of the underside protects the fender paint from scratching. The"curved" version is additionally contoured to the shape of the bottom of the bag to prevent it from slipping.

DEEMEED Curved fender pad

  • Aluminum plate - each Deemeed bag has a pocket in the bottom, allowing the insertion of the aluminum plate and therefore additional stiffening of the bottom of the bag in order to avoid the"banana" effect, i.e. the bag bending downwards when fastened with assembly straps. It is a particularly important accessory when assembling a bag without a sissy bar, when it is not possible to use the Universal Fastening System.

DEEMEED Aluminium plate

  • Side Mounting System - generally speaking, a set of mounting bushings and plates that are used to create attachment points for bags. Particularly useful on softtails or other motorbikes where the original mounting points are missing.
DEEMEED Side mounting system
  • Mounting hooks - this is another way to attach bags to the fender or part of the motorcycle frame. Flexible steel plates, bent into a hook with a grommet for interlacing the mounting belts, allow the bag to be securely attached to even very challenging custom creations.
    Thick natural leather protectors will protect the paint from scraching.DEEMEED Mounting hooks installed on fender with pneumatic suspension
    Usually, the use of one of these solutions, or a combination of several of them, means that we are able to take quite a lot of luggage with us, and despite the fact that we ride a custom, at least in terms of load capacity, we will not differ much from touring bikes.
We have not yet found an effective way for back pain and flies in the teeth and there you have to deal with it on your own:)
DEEMEED Tube Medium Mounted on the fender of HD Sportster
On the other hand, I think that users of this type of motorbikes do not really care about this type of inconvenience and being"cool" is a priority. Now you can be cool and at the same time equipped for every circumstance on even long journeys. In our company, we believe that you can have the best of the two worlds and get full satisfaction from being a motorcyclist, regardless of your equipment preferences. 
Stay cool, keep riding !!!
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