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DEEMEED bag's - The best bags on the market

04 - 03 - 2022
The devil is in the details
Manufacturers of motorcycle bags all over the world are racing in creating more and more sophisticated solutions connected with transporting luggage on a motorcycle. A variety of modern materials, colors, mounting systems and functions of some products make motorcyclists face a big dilemma: which bag, pannier or top case to choose and what to follow when making a choice.
A lot has been written on the subject but based on our experience with direct contact with our customers it seems that we still need to emphasize the criteria we believe motorcyclists should follow when choosing a bag.
At Deemeed we believe that "the devil is in the detail".
We believe that a motorcycle bag should be a long term investment, versatile enough to be used on multiple motorcycles without the fear that a bag purchased for a Touring motorcycle will not work on a Chopper or Adventure motorcycle.
It's worth looking at whether the bag can be easily modified, using factory and readily available accessories, so that the same bag we purchased with the huge HD Street Glide in mind can be used without issue on a small Sportster, a medium Street Bob or a completely different brand of motorcycle. 
Let me use a specific example at this point.
One of the most popular bag models sold by our company is: Explorer Medium.
It is a 35 liter bag in a traditional oval shape, made of cordura and equipped with Universal Mounting System.
On the basis of this one model from our rich collection, I would like to prove my earlier thesis about the immeasurable importance of details which constitute the absolute uniqueness of this product in comparison with a great number of similar roller bags produced by other manufacturers.

  • The base material is laminated Cordura which guarantees excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing. This material also ensures water resistance and maintains color very well, even if the bag is used in sunny conditions.
  • The YKK zippers used in the production are the quality known all over the world.
  • All metal parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum, which significantly affects the longevity of the product.
  • Universal Fast Mounting System-FUMS-allows mounting of the bag on all types of sissy bars and backrests regardless of their length and circumference.
  • Mounting straps can withstand up to 300 kg each, which makes the bag safe to mount on motorcycles without sissy bars.
  • Belts width is not accidental either, because it allows to put them through very small and narrow gaps.
  • Aluminum spring buckles allow for very strong pulling.
  • Explorer type bags, like most other models, are factory fitted with mounting accessories, such as stiffening aluminum plates in the bottom of the bag.
  • The inside of the bag is made of bright orange fabric, which makes it easy to find things even in low light.
  • All bags are also equipped with a nylon raincover providing one hundred percent water resistance.
  • Reflective elements made of 3M material are a standard addition that significantly increases the distance from which we become visible.
Besides all mentioned features bags made of Cordura have 30 year warranty.
Based on the example of this very popular bag you can see how many important details you have to take into consideration when choosing a product which will serve you for years and will never go out of fashion.
All the features I mentioned above are the result of many years of experience, tests and trials and the fact that buying a Deemeed bag you are buying a bag designed by bikers for bikers.
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