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HELMET BAG - Your anti theft protection game changer

30 - 03 - 2021
Motorcycle helmet protection
For every biker, riding a motorcycle is one of the greatest pleasures in life and a goal in itself. The destination is actually usualy  irrelevant and sometimes it's just an excuse to jump on your beloved bike and fly.


We all know this wonderful feeling of joy and detachment from the hectic everyday reality.

Riding a motorcycle gives us freedom and satisfaction that are not accompanied by any other activity. Unfortunately, in addition to all the benefits and pleasures of riding a motorcycle, most of us often struggle with certain difficulties that lower our level of comfort. Especially after reaching the destination or when we take a break from the trip, e.g. a restaurant, an interesting place to visit, an overnight stay in a hotel or in a camping. Generally, whenever we have to take off our equipment: helmet, pants or a Kevlar jacket, gloves, motorcycle boots. Imagine a situation when, after riding a few hundred kilometers from home, you decide to take a break and eat something. While securing the motorcycle itself against theft during a short stop is not a major problem because we usually have factory alarms, the handlebar locks, immobilizers, etc., leaving a helmet or other items of clothing on it may be risky.

Two friends are carrying motorcycle gear

Of course, some bikes are equipped with large top trunks and lockable side cases. Often, however, these spaces are filled with other luggage and unfortunately, after parking, there is no room for our riding gear. And then a rather inconvenient problem arises. What to do with the helmet and the rest of the riding equipment? Leaving these things"loose" on the motorcycle is usually not a good idea because as we all know,"opportunity makes a thief." Carrying all the equipment with you, especially on hot summer days, is very troublesome and limits us a lot. For example, when entering a restaurant, we need additional seats at the table just for our equipment.

Helmets on the chairs

Being on the beach or in the park means that at least one person must constantly watch our belongings.You know what I'm talking about, right? Is there any way to solve this problem?

I have great news for you!
It's called the Helmet Security Bag
and it will be your best friend when you ride.
Helmet bag packed

We created it a few years ago and thanks to cooperation with many of our dealers and customers from all over the world, we got today's version, which is a combination of optimal shape, size and ideal materials for production. In short, it was about creating something small and convenient to transport, which, when unfolded, turns into our private safe, where we can safely store a helmet, jacket, pants, which is basically everything we were carrying in our hands or wearing on ourselves.Our helmet bag has a sewn-in steel line between layers of highly durable materials,  which prevents it from being cut with a knife.

Steel wire mesh as the anti-cut protection

The opening is locked with a 5mm thick steel cable in a plastic braid that also allows for easy attachment of the bag to the motorcycle, and after passing the cable through the wheel, it also effectively immobilizes the entire motorcycle. The helmet bag is waterproof and this is another benefit that we get from using it. Overall, the Helmet Bag gives us a sense of freedom, which is one of the main aspirations of every motorcyclist.

Waterproof DEEMEED Security Helmet bag

You no longer have to be a slave to your belongings and enjoy the freedom that was once reserved only for car drivers who after stopping could just lock the door and go.

Friends are free of rideing gear


The helmet bag can also be used as a marine transport bag. After packing, we can easily take it with us to the beach or to the park, where we can easily attach the bag to a tree or other solid structure and be sure that no one will steal it.

DEEMEED Security Helmet bag as marine bag

An optional alarm lock is the perfect addition to the effectiveness of securing our items in the helmet bag. It is equipped with a motion sensor, which means that each unauthorized touch of our helmet bag activates a loud(110 db) alarm signal that will effectively scare away a potential thief and at the same time notify us that someone is tampering with our belongings.

DEEMEED Alarm Lock to helmet bag

The Deemeed Safety Helmet Bag is available in two sizes:
Single - fits a large helmet with an integrated jaw and all the small things that we can put in the helmet.

DEEMEED Single Security Helmet Bag

Double - enough space for two full-size integral helmets or for those who ride alone, room for a full helmet, a large Kevlar jacket or a lighter jacket and motorcycle pants.

DEEMEED Double Security Helmet Bag

Of course, these are just my suggestions, everyone will decide for themselves what they do not want to carry in their hends during a stop. One of the main advantages of the helmet bag is its compact size when folded. After use, simply roll it into a roll and place it in a convenient small sac that can be easily attached to the motorcycle.

DEEMEED Helmet bag on BMW R1200

Short trip to town or a long adventures journey, Helmet Security Bag will be your great companion on the road and once you start using it, you will be wondering how were you ever able to ride whitout it. Deemeed Helmet Security Bag makes a great gift. It is not another sensless gadget that you’ll put on a shelf in your garage and never use it. This little guy is your best friend on the road  and it will change your motorcycle experience for even more exiting.




The helmet bag secures your prized lid with steel cable and optional alarms, locking out thieves and giving you peace of mind. Waterproof and versatile, it's the game-changer for worry-free rides, letting you focus on the freedom, not the fear.
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