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Motorcycle bag - a long term investment

07 - 04 - 2021

What to look for when choosing a motorcycle bag?

In this article, I would like to point out a few important aspects that should be taken into account when deciding to buy a motorcycle bag. You have to keep in mind that these are very specialized products. When we enter the term “motorcycle bag” in the search engine in the internet, we must be prepared for a huge number of results. Even narrowing down the scope of the search by specifying the motorcycle model for which we need the bag will show us enough choices to make us even more unsure what to buy. The price range will surely surprise us. When choosing a bag, it is good to follow a few simple guidelines that will help us choose the best product for us.


One of the basic selection criteria should be the awareness of what we really need it for. Are we planning a long trip, a weekend trip, or maybe we need something that we will need for everyday trips to work or small shopping
DEEMEED bag long term investment


We have to think about how many things we want to take with us and whether we only need one bag, or maybe a few will be needed depending on the occasion and length of the trip. Good rule of thumb is to always get one size bigger than our first thought :)

DEEMEED bag long term investment double pack
Place of assembly
This is an important element because we must take into account whether the bag of our choice is suitable to our motorcycle and whether we will not have to buy some extra accessories to make the assembly possible. For example: luggage rack, sissy bar, fender pad, additional attachment points.
DEEMEED bag long term investment place of assembly
Ease of installation
It is very important. Every motorcycle bag manufacturer offers some type of motorcycle mounting system. Apparently most of the solutions look quite similar, but in this aspect we have to be especially careful when choosing. Sometimes it may turn out that the assembly or disassembly of the bag is very complicated, time-consuming and does not provide full safety and comfort.
DEEMEED bag long term investment Easy Instalation


As with all other products, this is a feature that should always determine our choice. The use of materials such as: cordura, aluminum, stainless steel, high-quality leather, proven zippers, locks, mounting straps, etc., always constitute the highest quality bags and we should not compromise for cheap replacements due to apparent savings.
DEEMEED bag long term investment Cordura fabric
Water resistance

I would like to emphasize this feature as particularly important. Motorcycle bags must, for obvious reasons, be waterproof. If the material from which the bag is made is not 100% waterproof, we must make sure that the bag has a rain cover included in the offer.

DEEMEED bag long term investment water resistant

It will directly translate into the quality of our investment. The point is that we should have a bag that we can put on various motorcycles. Many of us own more than one motorcycle and it is good if we can use the same travel bag on each of them. Replacing a motorcycle with a newer model should also not automatically result in the need to replace the bag. Even on fierce rivals :)

DEEMEED bag long term investment Street Glide Tube Medum bag DEEMEED bag long term investment Indian Scout Tube Medium
DEEMEED bag long term investment BMW R1200 NiteT Tube Medium DEEMEED bag long term investment Yamaha MT09 Tube Medium
DEEMEED bag long term investment Harley Davidson Lifewire Tube Medium

Always a touchy and questionable topic. In my opinion, the warranty for a motorcycle bag should be formulated in a clear, transparent manner, leaving no doubt as to how long it is valid and what exactly it protects.


One of the most telling criteria about a given product is its availability. So simply where the company's bag can be purchased. Nowadays it is obvious that you can buy almost anything on the Internet. Conveniently and quickly, you can purchase goods with home delivery from even a distant corner of the world. Unfortunately, this very popular option also has its drawbacks.  The only way to verify the manufacturer's assurances are customer opinions on internet forums or subjective opinions of our friends who have already purchased a similar product. However, if we use an authorized dealer, for example Harley Davidson, Indian, BMW we immediately acquire greater confidence in the product because we know that such a reputable company would not risk its reputation by adding an unproven product to its offer.

DEEMEED bag long term investment - availability
Environmentally friendly
Nowadays it is no longer a choice but rather a responsibility of us all. In the context of this article, it may not seem obvious at first glance, but I think after a moment's thought it is very appropriate.  The purchase of one motorcycle bag for ten years has an incomparably smaller impact on environmental pollution than the need to purchase many poor-quality replacements over the same period of time. The amount of used materials, energy, human resources during production as well as the disproportionate costs of the utilization of poor quality, cheep products is also a factor that should be taken into account. Use of natural and recycled materials should also be taken under consideration when choosing the right product.
DEEMEED bag long term investment - environmentally friendly

In short, I believe that buying a motorcycle bag is a kind of investment and if we want it to be successful, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time to do some research to best match the product to our needs. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more for a product that will serve us without problems for many years than buying cheap counterfeit products that we will have to replace every season.

After reading this article, you may be wondering where to find motorcycle bags that meet all the criteria listed above. The answer is simple. You already found them. We believe that DEEMEED products will not let you down. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer also in terms of the described product features in order to make the most appropriate choice of your long term investment.
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