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Pack for the unknown - DEEMEED - responsible for the planet

07 - 04 - 2022



Every motorcyclist knows very well that quality or, to be more precise, trouble-free installation is a key element during every trip on a motorcycle. This feature can literally save you from an accident. It becomes a matter of life or death for us. That is why our products come with a  legendary 30-year warranty on the entire product. When we meet with bikers at trade shows, for example, we often hear mathematical-philosophical statements like"why do I need such a long warranty when I'll probably be dead by then."

"Why do I need such a long warranty? When by that time I'll probably be dead :)
We answer jokingly that it is perfect as a coffin and add that it is an investment. 
Our motorcycle trips are a great unknown - a journey into the unknown, we don't know what to prepare for and when it will actually end. Another sign of investment is the versatility of DEEMEED bags. One bag often fits tens of thousands of motorcycles. We can confidently buy a new motorcycle or rent it in another country(e.g. USA) and our product will fit.

No matter what

Trying to separate, packing more than you can, leaking with a motorcycle, getting dirty, getting wet - it doesn't make much of an impression on our products.  They are made and designed to withstand no matter what. We do what we can to make bikers' lives easier, but of course we are not responsible for improper use such as mounting.


Rugged nylon 6,6 fabrics
Abrasion resistant
• Water repellent
• Stylish, versatility

Take it to the streets, or off road. Whether it’s a dirt bike or chopper, there’s nothing else quite like it. So we make incredibly durable fabrics. CORDURA® fabrics are not only protective, but are comfortable and stylish, too.

Responsibility for the planet

Manufacturing durable products saves raw materials and increases the efficiency of use. Once made product serves for years, where the"ordinary" bag, will change color, becomes worn, breaks the lock DEEMEED product will bravely serve and continue to fulfill its function. Then we do not have to buy a new, another product. Of course it is possible to repair / renew the product. In case of wear and tear or damage of some elements we are able to replace them with brand new ones and fully restore the product to a usable condition.

Bags for rent as an option

We are considering such an option, where our customers will be able to rent bags - only for a limited time - for example, for one trip. During this time, the product will be used, then returned to the factory where it will be refurbished if needed. It will be ready to use for the next customer. The versatility of DEEMEED bags' fixing will allow to serve a wide group of customers(or actually their motorcycles) with a relatively small stock of bags.

Product refurbishment / repair consists of:

  • replacement of fillings, bag stiffeners
  • replacement of retaining straps
  • replacement of metal mounting eyelets
  • replacement of backpack strap system, shoulder straps, fastening straps
  • replacement of universal fastening system UMS
  • replacement of cargo net fastening system
  • replacement of rain cover

A smooth transition to a closed loop economy

It appears that more and more people believe in similar values that DEEMEED espouses. Among other things, the EU has set as its goal the pursuit of an economic system that minimizes the consumption of raw materials and the amount of waste, emissions and energy loss by creating a closed loop of processes in which the waste from one process is used as raw materials for another, thereby reducing production waste as much as possible. Such a regenerative economic system has been called a"Closed loop Economy" GOZ. It is clear that the goal is not to create added value as in the traditional system, but to increase the efficiency of product use.

Closed-loop economy(or circular economy) - a regenerative economic system that minimizes the consumption of raw materials and volume of waste as well as emissions and energy losses by creating a closed loop of processes in which waste from one process is used as raw material for other processes, thus reducing production waste as much as possible.
Such a model is the opposite of a linear economy based on continuous growth and increasing consumption of raw materials and volume of waste. The  model seeks to preserve the value of resources for as long as possible(rather than creating added value as in the linear economy model), optimise resource management(rather than optimising resource flows) and increase the efficiency of goods use(rather than the efficiency of goods production
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