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DEEMEED Pet Bag - safe transport of animals on a motorcycle

05 - 05 - 2021


How to prepare a motorcycle for traveling with a dog? 

More and more motorcyclists and animal lovers decide to travel on a motorcycle with their pets.  When taking upon yourself such a challenge, you need to remember that no motorcycle is designed nor factory-adapted for the safe transport of animals. You have to take into account that this type of venture requires making some investments in specialized equipment that will allow you to enjoy the company of our beloved dogs, cats and other pets during motorcycle trips. There are many such products on the market. Starting from various types of bags, panniers, trunks that can be mounted in various places on the motorcycle, through protective glasses, helmets and even jackets, bandanas etc.


What to look for when choosing the right motorcycle dog carrier?

For the purposes of this article, I would like to focus on motorcycle dog carriers, because obviously they are usually the first and most important purchase that we make when deciding to ride with a pet.

What should we pay attention to when choosing this type of products?
I think with the key word here is "security". It is, of course, about the safety of the rider, but also of our four-legged passenger. At DEEMEED Company, we have created a Pet Bag dedicated to transporting animals on a motorcycle. We assumed that in order to ensure safety, comfort and functionality, motorcycle bags for animals must meet certain necessary criteria.

Quick, solid installation on a motorcycle. 

Every good quality motorcycle bag should be equipped by the manufacturer with a mounting system that will allow for a solid, easy installation on the motorcycle. In case of Deemeed, we use our own, patented FUMS (Fast Universal Mounting System), which is perfect for motorcycles with a luggage rack and passenger backrest or a sissy bar.


Additional mounting straps with metal elements provide extra security and protection, and in some cases also installations without a back rack or sissy bar are possible. The Deemeed offer also includes various types of accessories, the use of which, in most cases, would allow mounting our bags on the passenger's seat or on the fender safely.

 Stiffened, reinforced structure

 This is a very important feature that every motorcycle dog carrier should have. We must always take into account that the transport of animals differs significantly from the transport of general goods. There is always a risk that our pet will move inside the bag while riding, which may result in loss of balance and control. That is why it is so important that the bag is a solid, compact structure that is not susceptible to deformation or shifting.

DEEMEED Pet bag aluminium plate

In DEEMEED bags, we use aluminum plates in the bottom of the bag, which prevent collapse of the floor even when the mounting straps are tightened. The floor remains flat without reducing the interior volume. The side walls are reinforced with steel frames that can be folded inwards when the bag is put away for storage. Securing our pet inside the bag is easy thanks to two D-Rings that are attached to the back wall of the bag. The need to stabilize the pet in one position while riding is possible thanks to the opening in the main flap equipped with a sleeve that can be adjusted to the diameter of the dog's neck.


Ventilation system and protection against rain

Considering that we are transporting a living creature, it is obvious that the bag must be very well ventilated to avoid suffocation and possible overheating or cooling our passenger. In our bags, both side walls and the central main flap use a plastic mesh with high air flow. All these surfaces have an additional layer of waterproof Cordura which allows the possibility of partial or complete closure of the vents.

DEEMEED Pet bag ventilation mesh system

The way it works is that in the event of rain , we can close the main hatch, which will protect our companion from getting completely wet.

DEEMEED Pet bag rain configuration

Leaving the side vents open in such a situation will ensure sufficient air supply to the inside of the bag.


High quality and durability of materials and easy to keep the bag clean

The main base material in our Pet Bags is laminated Italian Cordura. Virtually indestructible fabric commonly used in the production of motorcycle accessories and clothing. In addition to excellent resistance to tearing and abrasion, it maintains the color perfectly, which means that the black bag will not fade in the sun for many years of use. Aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, high-quality YKK zippers, polyethylene foam filling, complete the list of materials used in the production of our bags.  On the floor of the bag there is a rubber lining that can be easily removed and washed.

DEEMEED Pet bag rubber lining

Choosing the right size of the bag to the height and weight of our pet

It is a very important element determining the right size of a bag.
When it comes to weight, it is strongly recomended to follow the bag manufacturer's  recommendations as well as the type, size and power of the motorcycle. We must also take under consideration the fact that when it comes to dogs, weight cannot be the only reliable factor.  Sometimes we have dogs with a very athletic build where, for example, an English Bulldog or a Pit Bull can be quite heavy even though they are not very tall. The oposite situation is when we have a dog that will be tall but very slender and as a result not as heavy. If we pay attention only to the manufacturer's recommendations regarding weight, it may turn out that we will buy a bag not high enough. The bag should be large enough for the dog to lie down freely in it and we should be able to close the main flap. However, it should not be too big because it could encurage our pet to wriggle to much while we are riding which could be affecting the balance and stability of the motorcycle. Deemeed offers four sizes of Pet Bag: XSmall, Small, Medium, Large. The smallest starts from 2 kg (5lb), and the largest can hold a pet up to 20 kg (44lb)

DEEMEED Pet bags

You have to remember that the purchase of a bag and other accessories is just the beginning of the road. Now we have to teach our furry friend step by step behavior that will make it feel safe,  comfortable and that they will simply share our passion of riding, giving us extra joy in the journey.

How do we start training our four-legged friend to become a rider?

This is a topic for the whole, new article in which I will try to advise everyone interested, on how to proceed while preparing our pet for a motorcycle adventure.

Range of DEEMEED products dedicated for pets (mostly dogs)

The DEEMEED Pet Bag Large is a carrier specifically designed for large breed dogs to be transported on a motorcycle. This carrier is made with high-quality materials to ensure both the safety and comfort of your furry companion. It features a sturdy and durable construction to withstand the rigors of motorcycle travel, as well as a padded interior to provide a comfortable space for your dog to rest. The bag also has ventilation on the sides to ensure that your dog has plenty of fresh air while on the go. In addition, the DEEMEED Pet Bag Large has a convenient shoulder strap and a backpack straps and, making it easy to carry. It is also water-resistant to protect your dog from the elements during inclement weather. Overall, the DEEMEED Pet Bag Large is a reliable and secure way to transport your large breed dog on a motorcycle.

large breed dog carrier motorcycle

Nice post.
Any updates on when the XL bag will be available and the measurements?
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I read this post, your post is so nice and very informative post, thanks for sharing this post!
I love my carrier! Here is a YouTube of me riding with my dog for the first time if anyone is interested:

Amazing product!
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