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Why and for whom we have created the DEEMEED configurator?

23 - 01 - 2021

In this article I would like to tell you a little bit about the Deemeed Configurator.
We introduced it on our website and online store this year.

Our company has been producing unique motorcycle bags since 2005, which, due to the very high quality of workmanship, the type of materials used in production, as well as universal and proven mounting methods, are very popular among motorcyclists around the world.
Our offer is very rich and diverse, which we are very proud of.

In addition to bags, we also offer accessories that are needed to efficiently and safely mount the bags on a motorcycle for certain mounting methods.

In the past, there was often a problem with:
- Which bag will fit my motorcycle?
- where to mount it on the motorcycle?
- what accessories are necessary for assembly?
- do I have to make modifications to my motorcycle to install the bag?
- how to use mounting straps to obtain the strongest possible fastening?

These and many other questions often arise when trying to buy the optimal motorcycle bag. The DEEMEED configurator,
which can be found at in the upper right corner, will be very helpful.

Step 1
The first group of configurator check boxes:
Brand / Model / Place of installation


Step 2
After selecting the above, CONFIGURATOR develops
a group of filters related to your individual preferences as motorcyclists,
in order to select the best products for the motorcycle given in the configuration

Step 3
DEEMEED CONFIGURATOR will display all bags that can be installed on the given motorcycle. Here you should optically click on the shape and size of the bag that suits you

Step 4
If the selected set of filters requires additional accessories necessary for the assembly of the bag, they will be displayed directly after the product, e.g. aluminum plate, mounting bushings, fender pad, etc.

Please add to cart one by one (just click small icon on the picutre)

Along with the description of the assembly method ON THE TOP of the page, the button"MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS" will appear next to the yellow background. After pressing this option, we gain access to instructional videos assigned to a specific bag and its assembly on a motorcycle according to the previously specified criteria5DeeemeedConfigurator

CONFIGURATOR works perfectly from the computer, but also from the phone.
It is very important because it allows you to choose a bag also in a situation where we have physical contact with the product.
It means buying at an authorized salon or at motorcycle trade shows and rallies.

A quick check of a given product for our motorcycle will allow for a flawless choice and satisfaction with the purchase.

At the time of writing this article, we have over 300,000 combinations.
If, despite our efforts, the CONFIGURATOR will not be able to match the product to your motorcycle, please visit our Lookbook for some ready-made solutions or write to us at

These are very rare situations and usually concern motorcycles with very limited luggage space.

Customs, some naked bikes, cafe racers and some sports bikes present the biggest challenge. 

At DEEMEED, however, we are not afraid of challenges and in such situations, please contact us directly by e-mail or telephone for individual consultation and the possibility of adapting the product to a given motorcycle.

To sum up and at the same time answer the title question of this article, we have created a CONFIGURATOR for all motorcyclists who would like to travel with luggage comfortably and safely.

For all those who appreciate high-quality products, but do not have the time or patience to look for the optimal motorcycle bag.

We have created this system also for our business partners in motorcycle showrooms who, thanks to the configurator, have quick access to all products, assembly methods, new solutions and ideas, thanks to which they can perform their work better and more effectively.

We want the process of searching for the right bag for your motorcycle  to be easy, fast and stress-free.

We want each of our clients to be satisfied and that they do not have to worry about whether they have made the right choice and whether it is possible to mount a bag on their motorcycle.

Thanks for your kind share. It looks like worthy a try.
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